Parameters for Input Data

The input to Get Travel Cost Matrix is a list of start points and end points expressed as latitude/longitude coordinates. You can also include user-defined fields.

The order of start and end points in the input determines the order of the sequences in the response. For example, if you specify two start points and two end points in the request, the response will contain the following order of sequences (where S is start and E is end): S1 to E1, S1 to E2, S2 to E1, S2 to E2.

Note: The Get Travel Cost Matrix service is only available as a web service. The Get Travel Cost Matrix is not available through the Java, C++, C, .NET, or COM APIs.
Table 1. Get Travel Cost Matrix Input




The latitude for a start or end point. Specify the latitude using the format selected in the CoordinateFormat option.


The longitude for a start or end point. Specify the longitude using the format selected in the CoordinateFormat option.


An identification you assign to the point. Specify an ID comprised of alpha and/or numeric characters to represent a point. This ID corresponds to the StartPointID or EndPointID field in output.

TollRoad This feature specifies whether you want a route with or without a toll road. This is a Boolean type parameter. The default vale is False. If you set the value of TollRoad to True, the response contains a route without any toll roads. If the value of TollRoad is set to False, the route includes toll roads.


A schema containing the update types for the transient update. Transient updates are updates made on a request that only apply to that particular request. Transient updates are similar to Persistent updates, except that Transient updates are only for a particular request and Persistent updates are for all the requests. You have the ability to set a speed for a point, a segment id, or a road class, as well as the ability to update the road class for a segment (specified by the segment id).

For transient update options and example, see ../GetTravelCostMatrix/GetTravelCostMatrix_TransientOptions.dita.