User-Defined Boundary File

The table below lists the output fields that contain data returned from user-defined boundary files. To include this data in the output, set Option.GeoTAXOutputRecordType = U.

Note: AssignGeoTAXInfo can return up to 10 user-defined areas for each input address.

Response Element

Max. Field Length with null terminator




The number of user-defined polygons found for the address.


51 per User Boundary

A description of the polygon.


11 per User Boundary

The ID of the polygon as specified in the user-defined boundary file.


2 per User Boundary

Indicates where in the polygon the address resides in relation to the edge of the area. Buffer width is specified by the option Option.DefaultUserBufferWidth or by the input field Data.BufferWidth.

One of the following:

The address is inside the polygon at a distance from the edge that is greater than the specified buffer width.
The address is inside the polygon but is close to the edge.
The address is outside the polygon but is close to the edge.

For more information, see Buffering.


10 per User Boundary

Indicates the distance from the address to the border of the polygon. The distance is in the units specified by the option Option.DistanceUnits.


11 per User Boundary

A supplemental ID as specified in the user-defined boundary file.


4 per User Boundary

Provides the percentage overlap of the geocode to the User-defined boundary polygon layer. The returned percentage value describes the probability that the point falls in the User-defined boundary area.