Output Data Options

Data options control the data returned by ReverseGeoTAXInfoLookup.

Parameter Description


Select one or more of the following to obtain the type of data you want returned. ReverseGeoTAXInfo Lookup groups the output fields into record types. If you do not want all of the fields in a record type returned, do not select the check box, and list only those fields you want returned in OutputFields .

  • C—Census
  • T—Tax Jurisdiction
  • U—User-defined boundary file
  • W—Payroll System Tax Codes
  • X—Auxiliary File
  • B—PB Software Sales and Use Tax Rate file

You can also specify one, and only one, of the following:

Insurance Premium Tax District (IPD)
Payroll Tax District (PAY)
Special Purpose Tax District (SPD)

For a description of the fields in each output group, see Response.

Note: If you specify W, also specify R to obtain the best payroll system tax code match possible.


If you integrate ReverseGeoTAXInfo Lookup with third-party tax compliance software from Vertex or Sovos, select which vendor you use. This controls the value returned in the GeoTAXKey output field. One of the following:

Do not return either the Sovos or Vertex jurisdiction codes (default).
Return the Sovos jurisdiction code for the address.
Return the Vertex jurisdiction code for the address. Select this option if you obtained a Vertex file from Precisely.


Select the desired Sales tax rate type or none:

Do not return sales tax rates. (default)
Return the General sales tax rates.
Return the Automotive sales tax rates.
Return the Construction sales tax rates.
Return the Medical sales tax rates.


Indicates the individual output fields you want returned. You can use this field instead of the Output Record Type to limit the output to those fields that are important to your current data needs.

For a list of the fields included in each data type, see Response.