Dictionaries GET Request

A GET request to the Dictionaries service returns information on the configured dictionaries.

Base URI

http://<server>:<port>/<contextpath>/rest/GeocodeService/dictionaries.[content type]?[query parameters]
http://<server>:<port>/rest/GlobalGeocode/dictionaries.[content type]?[query parameters]


.[content type] indicates that the specified content type will be used by default. Optional.

JSON Default content type is JSON, unless superseded by HTTP content negotiation

XML Default content type is XML, unless superseded by HTTP content negotiation

[query parameters] are described in the following section.

Query Parameters

There are a couple of options for the type of information returned based on the input query parameters:
  • Include a country code to get the dictionaries for the specified country; or
  • Exclude all query parameters to get a list of all the configured dictionaries.

The query parameters for the Dictionaries service are defined in the following table.

Name Description
country Name of country in ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 or Alpha-3 format, or a common name of the country, such as United States of America.