Global Interactive Geocode GET Request

A GET request to the service enables you to enter an address and get immediate feedback as it tries to find match candidates. The returned point is a postal centroid. The preference options for a GET request are a subset of the total available with the POST request.

Base URI

http://<server>:<port>/Geocode/rest/GeocodeService/geocode[.content type]?[query parameters]
http://<server>:<port>/Geocode/rest/GlobalGeocode/interactive[.content type]


[.content type] indicates that the specified content type will be used by default. Optional.
Default content type is JSON, unless superseded by HTTP content negotiation
Default content type is XML, unless superseded by HTTP content negotiation

[parameters] are described in the following section. Each key/value pair entered in the request is separated by an ampersand.


The following table defines the GET parameters for the service. For information on the response, see InteractiveGeocodeServiceResponse Object.

Parameter Type Description
areaName1 string Name of state or province
areaName2 string Name of district or subdivision
areaName3 string Name of city or town
areaName4 string Name of locality
coordSysName string Coordinate system for the data.
country string Name of country
distance double Distance from origin to candidate



lastLine string Last line of the address
mainAddress string Address to be matched. Can include the entire address or some portion.
maxCands integer Number of candidates to return. Default is 10. Maximum is 100.
originXY List (Double) comma separated double values for XY. For Example, originXY=-73.70252500000001,42.68323
placeName string Name of the point of interest (POI data not included)
postalCode string Address postcode