Introduction to Spectrum Global Geocoding Services

The Spectrum Global Geocoding REST API provides the following services:

  • Geocode—Takes a single input address or multiple input addresses and returns standardized US or international address and geocoding information.
  • Interactive—Takes a partial address and other address elements to restrict the search area and return match candidates. Interactive data is used to match against the input.
  • KeyLookup—Takes a key and key type to geocode an address and return additional information. The key is a unique identifier to that address.
  • ReverseGeocode—Takes a single input latitude and longitude coordinates or multiple input coordinates and returns address information for the location(s).
  • Capabilities—Returns the capabilities of the geocode service, such as the supported operations, the available country geocoding engines and the country-specific custom fields.
  • Dictionaries—Returns information about the installed address dictionaries.

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