Global Key Lookup GET Request

The GET request enables you to submit a key to geocode against and get back additional information that enhances your records.

Base URI

http://<server>:<port>/Geocode/rest/GeocodeService/geocode[.content type]?[query parameters]
http://<server>:<port>/rest/GlobalGeocode/keyLookup[.content type]


[.content type] indicates that the specified content type will be used by default. Optional.
Default content type is JSON, unless superseded by HTTP content negotiation
Default content type is XML, unless superseded by HTTP content negotiation


The following table defines the GET parameters for the service. For information on the response, see GeocodeServiceResponse Object.

Parameter Type Description
key string Key that is being used to geocode.
type string Type of key supported, currently PB_KEY and GNAF-PID
country string 3-letter ISO code that represents the country for which the lookup is being performed. Currently AUS and USA is supported.