findAddressCandidates geocodes one location/address per request. The input can be a single line or multiline, along with mandatory and optional parameters. It supports following types of location:

  • Street Address
  • Street Intersection
  • Point of Interest
  • Administrative Place Names
  • Postal codes

Coordinates, as a type of ESRI location, is not supported by Precisely Geocoding Connector.


findAddressCandidates uses required and optional parameters in a GET request to geocode a single address.

Parameter Details
f Required: The response format in json, html or kmz. For the Gecoding Connector, the supported format is json.
addressField Required: The address of the location to be geocoded.
countryCode Required: Defines the source country for the address.
singleLine Optional: An address as a single string to be geocoded.
neighborhood Optional: Neighborhood the address is in.
city Optional: City the address is in.
subregion Optional: Subregion the address is in.
region Optional: Region the address is in.
postal Optional: Postcode for the address.
postalExt Optional: Additional postcode for the address.
maxLocations Optional: The maximum number of locations to be returned.
outFields Optional: The list of fields to be returned.
outSR Optional: The well-known ID (WKID) of the spatial reference or a spatial reference JSON object for the returned address candidates.
addressField2 Not supported.
addressField3 Not supported.
location Not supported.
category Not supported.
matchOutofRange Not supported.
magicKey Not supported.
locationType Not supported.
searchExtent Not supported.
forStorage Not supported.