The reverseGeocode operation determines the address at a particular x/y location. You pass the coordinates of a point location to the geocoding service, and the service returns the address or place that is closest to the location.

It supports following types of location:

  • Street Address
  • Street Intersection
  • Point of Interest
  • Administrative Place Names
  • Postal codes


reverseGeocode uses required and optional parameters in a GET request to retrieve an address from a point location.

Parameter Details
f Required: The response format in json, html or kmz. For the Geocoding Connector, the supported format is json.

Required: Location of the point to be matched.

distance Optional: The distance in meters from the location to include in the search area.

Optional: The well-known ID (WKID) of the spatial reference or a spatial reference JSON object for the returned address candidates.

featureTypes Not supported.
returnIntersection Not supported.
locationType Not supported.