ReverseGeocodeServiceResponse Object

A request to the Reverse Geocode service returns a GeocodeServiceResponse object that contains:
  • totalPossibleCandidates— the total number of possible candidates.
  • totalMatches— the total number of matches.
  • candidates object — lists one or more candidates that matched to your input coordinate(s). Matching and address information is returned for each candidate.
Table 1. GeocodeServiceResponse Elements Definitions
Name Type Description
totalPossibleCandidates Integer Indicates the total number of possible candidates.
totalMatches Integer Indicates the total number of matches.
candidates object of type Candidate, consisting of an array with one or more match candidates and associated address, matching and location information. Contains the following elements:
precisionLevel Integer A code describing the precision of the geocode. One of the following:

0 No coordinate information is available for this candidate address.                

1 Interpolated street address.

2 Street segment midpoint.

3 Postal code 1 centroid.

4 Partial postal code 2 centroid.

5 Postal code 2 centroid.

6 Intersection.

7 Point of interest. (If database contains POI data.)

8 State/province centroid.

9 County centroid.

10 City centroid.

11 Locality centroid.

12-15 Reserved for unspecified custom items.

16 The result is an address point.

17 The result was generated by using address point data to modify the candidate's segment data.

18 The result is an address point that was projected using the centerline offset feature. You must have both a point and a street range database to use the centerline offset feature.
Note: This field is not returned for USA. For geocode precision information for USA, see Location Codes.
formattedStreetAddress String

The formatted main address line.

formattedLocationAddress String The formatted last address line.
precisionCode String The returned reverse geocoding result code. The definitions are provided in the appendix:. For US, see Address Location Codes; for all other countries, see Reverse Geocoding 'R' Result Codes.
sourceDictionary String Identifies the dictionary that is the source for the candidate information and data. The source dictionary is a 0-based integer value that indicates which configured dictionary the candidate came from. If you only have a single dictionary this will always be "0".
geometry object. Returned geocode consisting of the following elements:
coordinates Double The candidate's geocode, specified as x (longitude) and y (latitiude) coordinates separated by a comma.
crs String The coordinate reference system used for the candidate's geocode.
type String Geometry type. The return value is always Point.
address object. Returned candidate address which may contain some of the following elements:
mainAddressLine String Candidate address line.
addressLastLine String Candidate last address line.
placeName String Firm, company, organization, business or building name.
areaName1 String State, province or region.
areaName2 String County or district.
areaName3 String City, town or suburb.
areaName4 String Locality
postCode1 String Main postal code.
postCode2 String Secondary postal code, where one exists.
country String Country
addressNumber String House or building number.
streetName String Street name.
unitType String The type of unit, such as Apt., Ste. and Bldg.
unitValue String The unit value/number, such as "3B".
customFields Object The fields and corresponding values returned are country-specific.
ranges: CandidateRange object. Contains information about a candidate's ranges, consisting of the following elements:
placeName String If applicable, indicates the name of the candidate's place or building.
lowHouse String Indicates the low house number in the candidate's street range.
highHouse String Indicates the high house number in the candidate's street range.
side String Provides information on the side of street that the candidate's range is located.

LEFT The range is on the left side of the street.

RIGHT The range is on the right side of the street.

BOTH The range is on both the left and right side of the street.

UNKNOWN No information is available on the side of the street this range is located.

oddEvenIndicator String Provides information on the house numbering of the candidate's range.

ODD The range contains odd house numbers.

EVEN The range contains even house numbers.

BOTH The range contains both odd and even house numbers.

IRREGULAR The range contains both even and odd numbers in an irregular order.

UNKNOWN No information is available on the odd/even house numbering on this range.

customValues Map A map of local values associated with the candidate's range.