InformationExtractor extracts entities such as names and addresses from strings of unstructured data (also known as plain text).

It is possible that not all entities for any selected type will be returned because accuracy varies depending on the type of input. Because Information Extractor uses natural-language processing, a string containing a grammatically correct sentence from a news article or blog would likely have a more accurate return of names than a simple list of names and dates.

Resource URL

JSON endpoint:


XML endpoint:


Example with JSON Response

This example requests a JSON response:


The JSON returned by this request would be:

{"output_port": [{
   "Entity": [   {
   "Text": "Aurthur Pitney",
   "Type": "Person"
   "user_fields": []

Example with XML Response

This example requests an XML response:


The XML returned by this request would be:

<xml.InformationExtractorResponse xmlns="">
               <Text>Aurthur Pitney</Text>