AutoCompleteLoqate Sample Web Application

You can access a sample web application that demonstrates the Auto Complete Loqate functionality. When you enter a partial address, this application makes a call to the Auto Complete Loqate REST web service, which returns a suggested address.
Note: Prior to using this feature, you must add an Auto Complete Loqate database resource in Management Console and save the database resource in the Auto Complete Loqate Service.
  1. Be sure the Spectrum Technology Platform server is running.
  2. Open a web browser and go to: http://<servername>:<port>/autocomplete. For example, if your server is named "myserver" and it uses the default HTTP port 8080, you would go to: http://myserver:8080/autocomplete.
    Note: This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
  3. When the login screen appears, enter "guest" as the user name and leave the password field blank.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Select a country from the drop-down list.
  6. Begin typing your address in any of the fields provided.
  7. Select from the list of suggested addresses.
  8. To begin a new call, click Reset, which will clear the fields you used in your previous call.