Table 1. GetCityStateProvinceLoqate Options

Description / Valid Values

Specifies the database to be used for address processing. Only databases that have been defined in the Database Resources panel in the Management Console are available.

The maximum number of addresses that GetCityStateProvinceLoqate should return. The default is 10.


Specifies the alphabet or script in which the output should be returned. This option is bi-directional and generally takes place from Native to Latin and Latin to Native.

Do not perform transliteration and provide output in the same script as the input (default).
Output in the native script for the selected country wherever possible.
Use English values.

Specifies how you want Spectrum Technology Platform to respond when a data license error occurs.

Fail the job
Fail the entire job if a data license error occurs.
Fail the record
Fail the record(s) for which the data license error occurs and continue processing.