SERP Processing

  1. Validate Address must be in SERP Certified™ mode. If (Not SERP Certified) appears at the top of the window, click the Enable SERP settings button. The Configure SERP box will appear.
  2. Click Configure SERP. The SERP Report Fields dialog box appears.
  3. Type your merchant CPC number.
  4. Type the mailer Name, Address, and City, State, ZIP.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In Enterprise Designer, drag SERPReport from the Reports pallet to the canvas.
  7. Double-click the SERPReport icon on the canvas.
  8. On the Stages tab, ensure that the Validate Address check box is checked. Note that if you have renamed the Validate Address stage to something else, you should check the box with the name you have given the address validation stage.
  9. On the Parameters tab, select the format for the report. You can create the report in PDF, HTML, or plain text format. PDF format is the default.
  10. Click OK.