Additional Input Data

Some input data is ignored during the address standardization process. This extraneous data (sometimes referred to as "dropped data") is returned in the AdditionalInputData field. Some examples of dropped data include:

  • Delivery instructions (for example, "Leave at back door")
  • Phone numbers (for example, "555-135-8792")
  • Attention lines (for example, "Attn: John Smith")

Data such as this is generally not embedded in an address. If it is embedded, the extraneous data can usually be identified and returned in the AdditionalInputData field.

Note: Dropped data from split indicia addresses is not returned. A split indicia address is one where a primary address is split between multiple address lines. For example, if the primary address is "1 Green River Valley Rd" then the following would be a split indicia version of this address:

1 Green River
Valley Rd

If there is more than one piece of dropped data in an address, each piece of data is separated by a semicolon and a space ("; ") for U.S. addresses and a space for addresses outside the U.S. The order of dropped data in AdditionalInputData is:

  1. Care of, mail stop (U.S. addresses only)
  2. Other extraneous data found on address lines
  3. Entire unused data lines

For example, if this is the input address:

123 Main St C/O John Smith
Apt 5 Drop at back dock

Then AdditionalInputData would contain:

C/O John Smith; Apt 5 Drop At Back Dock; 555-123-4567;; 555-123-4567