Creating Delivery Point Barcodes

A Delivery Point Barcode (DPBC) is a POSTNET™ barcode representation of the address. It consists of 62 bars with beginning and ending frame bars and five bars each for the ZIP + 4® Code, a value calculated based on the street address number, and a correction digit. The DPBC allows automated sortation of letter mail to the carrier level in walk sequence. ValidateAddress generates the data you need to assemble a DPBC.

Note: Delivery Point Barcodes are available for U.S. addresses only. For more information on Delivery Point Barcodes, see

To generate the data needed to assemble a DPBC, OutputRecordType must contain P. For more information on OutputRecordType, see Output Data Options.

Table 1. Delivery Point Barcode Output



The delivery point portion of the delivery point barcode.


Check-digit portion of the 11-digit delivery point barcode.

To assemble a DPBC you concatenate the values found in the ValidateAddress output as follows:

PostalCode.Base + PostalCode.Addon + PostalBarcode + USBCCheckDigit

For example, if you have the following:

  • PostalCode.Base = 49423
  • PostalCode.Addon = 4506
  • PostalBarcode = 29
  • USBCCheckDigit = 2

The assembled barcode would be: