Parameters for Input Data

ValidateAddress takes an address as input. All addresses use this format regardless of the address's country. See Address Line Processing for U.S. Addresses for important information about how address line data is processed for U.S. addresses.

Table 1. Input Format





String [50]

The first address line.


String [50]

The second address line.


String [50]

The third address line.

Does not apply to Canadian addresses.


String [50]

The fourth address line.

Does not apply to Canadian addresses.


String [50]

The fifth address line.

Applies only to U.K. addresses. May contain street name, unit number, building number, and so on.


String [50]

The city name.

For U.S. addresses only, you may put the city, state, and ZIP Code™ in the City field. If you do this, you must leave the StateProvince and PostalCode fields blank.


String [50]

The state or province.

For U.S. addresses only, you may put the state in the City field instead of the StateProvince field.


String [10]

The postal code for the address in one of the following formats:

A9A 9A9
9999 999

For U.S. addresses only, you may put the ZIP Code™ in the City field.

For U.S. addresses only, if the city/state/ZIP Code™ is in the PostalCode field, ValidateAddress may parse the data and successfully process the address. For best results, put this data in the appropriate fields (City, StateProvince, and PostalCode).


String [50]

The country code or name, in any of the following formats:

  • Two-character ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 country code
  • Three-character ISO 3166-1 Alpha 3 country code
  • English country name
  • French country name
  • German country name
  • Spanish country name

For a list of ISO codes, see ISO Country Codes and Module Support.


String [50]

The company or firm name.


String [50]

The U.S. address urbanization name. This is used primarily for Puerto Rico addresses.


String [9]

If this mailpiece uses a generic barcode, specify your USPS®-assigned customer ID in this field. The ValidateAddress generic barcode is used for mailpieces that use the OneCode ACS® service.



For Canadian addresses only, indicates whether the address is in English or French, if the option Option.CanFrenchFormat=T is used.

If this field is blank, the address is formatted in English. If the field contains any non-blank value, the address is formatted in French. Note that addresses in Quebec are always formatted in French regardless of the value in this field.