Address Data

Table 1. Parsed Address Elements

Response Element



The AddressBlock output fields contain a formatted version of the standardized or normalized address as it would be printed on a physical mailpiece. Validate Address Global formats the address into address blocks using postal authority standards. Each line of the address is returned in a separate address block field. There can be up to nine address block output fields: AddressBlock1 through AddressBlock9. For example, this input address:

AddressLine1: 4200 Parliament Place
AddressLine2: Suite 600
City: Lanham
StateProvince: MD
PostalCode: 20706

Results in this address block output:

AddressBlock1: 4200 PARLIAMENT PL STE 600
AddressBlock2: LANHAM MD 20706-1882


If the address was validated, the address line fields contain the validated and standardized address lines. If the address could not be validated, the address line fields contain the input address without any changes. Note that the last line of the address is contained in the LastLine field. For example:

AddressLine1: 4200 PARLIAMENT PL STE 600
LastLine: LANHAM MD 20706-1882

AdministrativeDistrict An area smaller than a state/province but larger than a city.


The flat or unit type (such as STE or APT), for example: 123 E Main St Apt 3


The flat or unit number, for example: 123 E Main St Apt 3

BlockName An estate or block name.
BuildingName The name of a building, for example Sears Tower.
City The name of the town or city. For example, Vancouver, BC.
City.AddInfo Additional information about the city.
City.SortingCode A code used by the postal authority to speed up delivery in certain countries for large localities, for example Prague or Dublin.
Contact The name of the addressee. For example, Mr. Jones.
Country The country in the language or code specified in the option.
County Dependent state or province information that further subdivides a state or province. An example would be a U.S. county.
FirmName The name of a company.


Information that further subdivides a building, for example, the suite or apartment number. For example: 123 E Main St Apt 3, 4th Floor


The house number 1, for example: 298A-1B New South Head Rd

LastLine Complete last address line (city, state/province, and postal code).
LeadingDirectional Street directional that precedes the street name. For example, the N in 138 N Main Street.
Locality Dependent place name that further subdivides a Locality. Examples are colonias in Mexico, Urbanisaciones in Spain.
POBox Post Box descriptor (POBox, Postfach, Case Postale etc.) and number.
PostalCode The postal code for the address. The format of the postcode varies by country.
PostalCode.AddOn The second part of a postcode. For example, for Canadian addresses this will be the LDU. For U.S. addresses this is the ZIP + 4 add on. This field is not used by most countries.
PostalCode.Base The base portion of the postcode.
Room A room number in a building.
SecondaryStreet The name of a secondary street or rural route.
StateProvince The name of the state or province.


The name of street where property is located, for example: 123 E Main St Apt 3


The street suffix, for example: 123 E Main St Apt 3

SubBuilding A portion of a building, such as a suite. For example, Suite 102.
Suburb Dependent place name that further subdivides a Locality. An example would be Mahalle in Turkey.
Territory The name of a territory. Territories are larger than a state/province.


The trailing directional, for example: 123 Pennsylvania Ave NW