Record-Level Result Indicators

Record-level result indicators provide data about the results of ValidateAddressLoqate processing for each record, such as the success or failure of the match attempt, which coder processed the address, and other details. The following table lists the record-level result indicators returned by ValidateAddressLoqate.

Table 1. Record Level Indicators

Response Element



The level of confidence assigned to the address being returned. Range is from zero (0) to 100; zero indicates failure, 100 indicates a very high level of confidence that the match results are correct. For multiple matches, the confidence level is 0. For details about how this number is calculated, see Introduction to the Validate Address Confidence Algorithm.


If no match was found, which address component could not be validated:

  • ApartmentNumber
  • HouseNumber
  • StreetName
  • PostalCode
  • City
  • Directional
  • StreetSuffix
  • Firm
  • POBoxNumber
Note: More than one component may be returned, in a comma-separated list.


MatchScore provides an indication of the similarity between the input data and the closest reference data match. It is significantly different from Confidence in that Confidence indicates how much the input address changed to obtain a match, whereas the meaning of Match Score varies between U.S. and non-U.S. addresses.

The int getFieldMatchscore (unit record, const char*) field is a decimal value between 0 and 100 that reflects the similarity between the identified input data and the closest reference data match. A result of 100 indicates that no changes other than alias, casing, or diacritic changes have been made to the input data. A result of 0 indicates that there is no similarity between the input data and closest reference data match.

Note: The Validate Address Loqate and Advanced Matching Module components both use the MatchScore field. The MatchScore field value in the output of a dataflow is determined by the last stage to modify the value before it is sent to an output stage. If you have a dataflow that contains Validate Address Loqate and Advanced Matching Module components and you want to see the MatchScore field output for each stage, use a Transformer stage to copy the MatchScore value to another field. For example, Validate Address Loqate produces an output field called MatchScore and then a Transformer stage copies the MatchScore field from Validate Address Loqate to a field called AddressMatchScore. When the matcher stage runs it populates the MatchScore field with the value from the matcher and passes through the AddressMatchScore value from Validate Address Loqate.


Which address coder processed the address:

The Loqate coder processed the address.


Reports the success or failure of the match attempt. For multiple matches, this field is "F" for all the possible matches.



Reason for failure, if there is one.

  • UnableToValidate


Description of the problem, if there is one.

Address Not Found
This value will appear if Status.Code=UnableToValidate.