Spectrum Spatial Administration

Spectrum Spatial helps you build a web mapping application or embed mapping in an existing application using a variety of web services, capabilities, tools, and sample code.

Topics covered include:

  • Configuring your system by changing the default port number or repository database; accessing the repository; accessing and uploading resources; configuring web services; and running Spectrum Technology Platform as a Linux service
  • Managing security using the Management Console, including how to add users and roles, as well as how to apply security entity overrides
  • Monitoring your system, including logging, viewing version and license information, using the Spectrum JMX Console to monitor performance, and monitoring memory usage
  • Managing memory and threading, including JVM performance tuning, adjusting pool size, and increasing heap memory
  • Load balancing spatial services for resilience or high capacity
  • Troubleshooting your system, including rebuilding a corrupt repository index and monitory memory usage of a non-responsive server

Additional Spectrum Technology Platform and Spectrum Spatial documentation is located online at support.precisely.com.