Clearing MRR Cache

This section describes how to clear the MRR cache and close the open native handles of all MRR tables that have the Volatile flag set to false.

The MRR file is locked when its native handle is open in the cache to prevent update, delete, or replace operations on the file. A MRR Cache can be cleared in two ways, in the Spectrum JMX-Console and in Spectrum Spatial Manager.

The Volatile flag may be set to true or false:

  • When volatility is false, a file connection is held open by Spectrum Spatial for the MRR file. This is the default behavior, which prevents replacing MRR files when Spectrum Spatial is running on a Windows environment. On Linux, files can be replaced but older data is cached, which requires clearing the MRR cache.
  • When volatility is true, Spectrum Spatial opens and releases the MRR file for each request. When replacing a MRR file, the new data is immediately available for viewing. There may be a slight performance decrease re-opening the MRR on each request of about 100 ms (milliseconds).

See also MRR.