Configuring a Linux Machine for MRR

To use MRR (Multi-Resolution Raster) files on Spectrum Spatial in a Linux environment, GCC and LIBC must be upgraded to the proper versions.

To configure a Linux machine for MRR:

  1. Install the UUID package, which installs LIBC v.2.17.
    For example, to install UUID on Cent OS:
    • wget
    • sudo yum -y install libuuid-2.17.2-12.18.el6.x86_64.rpm
    • sudo yum -y install libuuid-devel
  2. Install devtoolset-3, which installs GCC v.4.9. For instructions, see
  3. Verify that GCC v.4.9 and LIBC v.2.17 (or later) are installed.
  4. Ensure that all the dependencies were resolved in the above steps. If any dependency is unresolved, install it and then repeat Step 2.

    For example, the following are some of the required dependencies for an OEL 6.5 machine:

    • wget​maven30-rhel-6/epel-6-x86_64/download/mizdebsk-maven30-rhel-6-epel-6-x86_64.noarch.rpm
    • sudo yum -y install mizdebsk-maven30-rhel-6-epel-6-x86_64-1-2.noarch.rpm
    • wget​maven30/epel-6-x86_64/download/rhscl-maven30-epel-6-x86_64.noarch.rpm
    • sudo yum -y install rhscl-maven30-epel-6-x86_64-1-2.noarch.rpm
    • sudo yum -y install maven30
    • wget​eclipse-luna/fedora-20-x86_64/download/mbooth-eclipse-luna-fedora-20-x86_64.noarch.rpm
    • sudo yum -y install mbooth-eclipse-luna-fedora-20-x86_64-1-2.noarch.rpm
    • sudo yum -y install --skip-broken eclipse-luna