Rebuilding a Corrupt Repository Index

Sometimes the repository can become corrupt if the server is shut down abruptly or the Java process stops (either manually or due to a power outage). As a result, you may be unable to get resources that were previously searchable, and there will be no errors or warnings in the logs. Once you verify that permission changes are not the cause, rebuild the index to fix this issue:

  1. Shut down the server.
  2. Delete the index directory at the following locations:
    • <Spectrum>\server\modules\spatial\jackrabbit\workspaces\default
    • <Spectrum>\server\modules\spatial\jackrabbit\workspaces\security
    • <Spectrum>\server\modules\spatial\jackrabbit\repository
  3. Restart the server.
    Jackrabbit re-creates the index at the above locations while booting.
After rebuilding the index, the search works correctly again.