List all Available Tables


Returns a list of named tables that are available within the repository.

ACL Authorization Flow

To list all the named tables stored in a repository, the user (or the role they belong to) needs EXECUTE permission on the Named table.

Note: The response will contain those tables on which the user has EXECUTE permission. If the user has no EXECUTE permissions on any tables, then the response contains an empty list.


The following format is used for HTTP GET requests:

HTTP GET /tables.rep


For information on the parameter types listed below, see Request URL Data Types.

Parameter Type Required Description
rep String yes The representation to be returned. Supported representation is json.
tableType String no The type of tables to return:
  • parameterizedviewtables returns parameterized views (view tables that contain bind parameters)
  • viewtables returns static views (view tables that do not contain bind parameters)
  • tables returns named tables (all view tables)
  • all returns parameterized views, static views, and named tables. This is the same as when tableType is not specified.


Returns a list of tables in the specified format.


Returns a list of available tables in the repository, as a comma delimited list, in the Locale English (US)


Returns a list of only those view tables that contain bind parameters.


Returns a list of view tables that do not contain bind parameters.