Via Stages

To access Spectrum Spatial services via stages, you build and run a dataflow in Enterprise Designer that includes one of more Spectrum Spatial stages. The stages use a direct socket-based method to communicate with the corresponding Spectrum Spatial services.

The following Spectrum Spatial stages are available in the Enterprise Designer:


Spectrum Spatial includes the following spatial stages:

  • Find Nearest – Locates the points of interest (POI) that are nearest to a given location.
  • Point In Polygon – Determines whether a location is within a specified area.
  • Query Spatial Data – Queries a spatial database using MISQL functions that can, for example, search for a point within a given polygon.
  • Read Spatial Data – Accesses spatial data in a variety of commonly-used spatial data formats using MISQL functions.
  • Spatial Calculator – Performs string and geometry conversions as well as a variety of calculations on spatial data, such as determining the area of a polygon or distance between two points.
  • Spatial Union – Returns a geometry object that represents the union of two input geometry objects.
  • Write Spatial Data – Inserts data into a named table, or update data in a named table, as the output of a job. Also deletes data.

For more information about these stages, see the Stages section in the Spectrum Technology Platform Spectrum Spatial Guide on