Spectrum Spatial Analyst Overview

A data analyst logs into Spectrum Spatial Analyst from their web browser or mobile device to view and query data in a map project by:
  • Browsing current maps and data
  • Switching between background maps, such as aerial maps and road maps
  • Zooming in and out of maps
  • Searching addresses and postcodes
  • Clicking on the map to interact with and query data
  • Searching for nearby services and facilities, for data within a region, or using specific criteria
  • Drawing annotations on the map
  • Printing maps to a PDF file

Spectrum Spatial Analyst applies security (access permissions) to map projects and for guest browsing. An administrator (admin or spatial-admin) manages permissions in Spectrum Spatial Manager. For information about guest access and permissions for map projects, see Security for Spatial Analyst.

An administrator manages a Spectrum Spatial Analyst deployment and map projects in Spectrum Spatial Manager. There are settings for creating map configurations that bring together commonly viewed data, assigning permissions to define which data can be viewed and searched, which functions, and features are available to users and deleting uploaded data. For details, see Spectrum Spatial Analyst Project Properties.

For information about best practices, creating usage logs, URL launch parameters, and enabling extensibility, see Spectrum Spatial Analyst under Managing Spatial.