Web Feature Service


The Web Feature Service is used for searching, obtaining metadata descriptions, querying, and filtering spatial data (feature types) at the service level. The XML interface and syntax follow the WFS 1.0.0 OGC specification. Both SOAP and HTTP POST/GET requests are supported. As a result, a standard compliant WFS client, such as MapInfo Pro, can access data by submitting an XML request through HTTP to display it on a map or to get vector geometries for calculations.

Use the Web Feature Service to help perform a search for features within a given distance from a point (or other type of geometry). For example, a real estate application determines a realistic value for a home by comparing the distance of it to numerous features, including railroad tracks, highways, shopping malls, and police stations. This application would call WFS to select a highway feature and a home (a point). The application would then calculate distance values for proprietary rating calculations.

The Web Feature Service is an OGC-compliant web service.

Service URLs

The URL endpoint for the Web Feature Service has the following general form:



To see the full documentation for the Web Feature Service, see the Services section in the Spectrum Technology Platform Spectrum Spatial Guide.