About Spectrum Spatial Analyst

Spectrum Spatial Analyst is OGC compliant, feature-rich, out-of-the-box web mapping application that is part of Spectrum Spatial. It provides easy access to information and insights within a spatial context. Its users can view maps and data, query data, annotate maps, print maps, and more. It is accessible from a web browser by going to http://server:8010/connect/analyst/.

Spectrum Spatial Analyst and its projects are managed by Spectrum Spatial Manager, which installs with Spectrum Spatial. There are settings for creating map configurations that bring together commonly viewed data, assigning permissions to define which data can be viewed and searched, which functions and features are available to users, and deleting uploaded data.

User permissions are role-based and assigned to Spectrum Spatial Analyst roles maintained in the Spectrum Management Console.

A Spectrum Spatial Analyst installation includes the Spectrum Spatial Analyst Locate Service, which is a web service that provides search capabilities for custom addresses. This service is available at a URL in the format http://server:port/index-search/SingleLineAddressService?wsdl, where server is the IP address or hostname of your Spectrum Spatial Analyst Locate service and port is the HTTP port used by Spectrum Spatial Analyst Locate service. The default value of the Locate service port is 8030.

You can upload address data for use with this service through Spectrum Spatial Manager or by using the Spectrum Spatial Analyst Command Line CSV loader utility. The Command Line CSV loader utility can be called by any scheduling software (such as Windows Scheduler) to automate the upload process.