Customizing Look and Feel

You can customize the look and feel of Spectrum Spatial Analyst by applying your unique brand elements to the application's HTML banner and brand.css file.

HTML Banner

You can change the banner across the top of Spectrum Spatial Analyst to use your organization's logo and brand colors to match your brand guidelines.

Banner settings are made in an index.html file under <Customerconfigurations>/analyst/theme/banner/default. To apply your brand elements, either:

  • edit the index.html file or
  • replace the reference to index.html in the brand.css file so that it points to your custom .html file.


The brand.css file manages all branding elements, including:

  • Setting the color properties for user interface elements like buttons.
  • Making the banner visible or not.
  • Pointing to an .html file to use for the banner.
  • Pointing to an alternate .html file to display a banner on mobile devices.
  • Setting how navigation buttons, such as Options, Add, and Legends, display within the banner or on the map.
  • Customizing the color properties of map features, such as query layer, multi-select features, and annotations.

You can find the brand.css file under the branding folder: <Customerconfigurations>/analyst/theme/branding/default/brand.css.