Using the Utility to Validate all TAB Files in a Folder


This process generates a log of the validity of all TAB files in a folder. The output of this utility will contain the TAB file name, record id of the geometry that is not valid, and the reason why the geometry is not valid.


ValidateGeometryUtility [-tabFilesFolderPath <tabFilesFolderPath>] [-logFilePath <logFilePath>]


To validate a single TAB file, use the following options:

Parameter Required Description
-logFilePath <logFilePath> no Path and file name to the validity log. If specified, all validity information will be logged to this file, otherwise the information will be output to the console.
-tabFilesFolderPath <tabFilesFolderPath> yes Path of the directory containing the TAB files to validate.


This request will validate all of the TAB files in the C:/temp directory and generate a report in the log.txt file.

ValidateGeometryUtility.bat -tabFilesFolderPath=C:/temp -logFilePath=C:/temp/log.txt