Tile Generator

The Tile Generator is a command-line utility, named cache_builder.bat on Windows and cache_builder.sh on Linux, that generates MapTiling requests to send to a MapTiling service or to save to a file. Saving a request to a file is useful for seeding the tile cache in batch or for generating tiles offline. The Tile Generator is available as a download from the Spectrum Spatial section of the Spectrum Technology Platform Welcome Page, under Tile Generator on the Utilities tab.

There are three options available when using this utility:

  • Generate MapTiling requests and save them to a file for later use.
  • Send requests from the file created above to a MapTiling service and create the tiles to seed the cache.
  • Directly use Tile Generator to create the tile requests and send to a MapTiling service to seed the cache.

Running the Tile Generator (cache_builder) with no parameters or with the -help parameter displays details about the above options.

  • The Tile Generator requires the JAVA_HOME variable set to the location of the installed JDK (Java 11 is required).
  • The Tile Generator uses Basic authentication. For details, see Web Service Authentication.

For information about Spectrum Spatial support for WMTS, see Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) in the Services section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide.