Generating Tiles from a File with WMTS Tile Generator


This process generates a tile request file used to generate tiles.


To generate tiles, use the following options:

Parameter Required Description Example
-url=<url> yes The URL to the WMTS service or proxy when configured with WMTS as an origin server.
Note: When using a third-party cache tool, specify the third-party URL instead of the Spectrum WMTS service URL. Refer to the third-party help for details.
url=http://<server>:<port>/ rest/Spatial/WMTS
-format=<format> yes Tile format type (gif, jpeg, jpg, mvt, png).
Note: The -format type replaces the deprecated -image type.
-dirOutput=<dirOutput> no Directory path to save generated tiles locally. See also Output Directory (-dirOutput).
Note: When using a third-party cache tool, you may not need to write tiles to a directory (using dirOutput). Refer to the third-party help for details.
-fileInput=<fileInput> yes Path and name of the request file to generate the tiles. fileInput=D:\ tile-requests\request1-14.txt
-username=<username> yes Spectrum user accessing the repository. Either an administrator (any user with the Spectrum admin role) or a user with Spatial access permission to the named tile and its dependent resources. username=admin
-password=<password> yes Password for the Spectrum user. password=admin
-cache=<cache> no Use when working with a third-party cache tool that requires a cache header. See also Tile Caching (-cache). cache=false


This request reads the request file and generates tiles.

tile_builder.bat -url=http://<server>:<port>/rest/Spatial/WMTS -format=png -threads=4 -dirOutput=C:/TileCache -fileInput=requests.txt -username=admin -password=admin