Creating a Tile Request File with WMTS Tile Generator


This process generates tiles using a request file.


To generate tiles, use the following options:

Parameter Required Description Example
-url=<url> yes The URL to the WMTS service or proxy when configured with WMTS as an origin server.
Note: When using a third-party cache tool, specify the third-party URL instead of the Spectrum WMTS service URL. Refer to the third-party help for details.
url=http://<server>:<port>/ rest/Spatial/WMTS
-format=<format> yes Tile format type (gif, jpeg, jpg, mvt, png).
Note: The -format type replaces the deprecated -image type.
-layer=<layer> yes Layer identifier used to create tiles. You can find this name from the WMTS capabilities in Spatial Manager. For example <Rows:Identifier>World_WMTS_Layer_ID1</Rows:Identifier>. layer=World_WMTS_Layer_ID1
-matrixSet=<matrixSet> yes Tile matrix set to generate tiles for. You can find this name from the WMTS capabilities in Spatial Manager. For example, <TileMatrixSet>WorldWebMercatorQuad_0_to_19</TileMatrixSet>. matrixSet=WorldWebMercatorQuad_0_to_19
-mbr=<mbr> no Minimum Bounding Rectangle (MBR) to use to generate tiles. Four values represent the lower left and upper right corners of a bounding rectangle in the coordinate system of the named tile. Defaults to the Tile bounds. See also Minimum Bounding Rectangle (-mbr). mbr="-8275553, 4932706, -8188786, 5003330"
-threads=<threads> no Number of threads to use to generate the tiles. To maximize throughput, set to the number of CPUs for the machine. threads=4
-matrixIds=<matrixIds> no Tile matrices to generate tiles for. This is a comma-separated list (such as 1,2,6) or a value range (such as 1-10). When not specified, then generates tiles for all supported tile matrices. See also Tile Matrices (-matrixIDs). matrixIds="2,5-8"
-fileOutput=<fileOutput> yes Path and name of the file to save generated requests to. This parameter ignores the dirOutput parameter. fileOutput=D:\ tile-requests\request1-14.txt
-username=<username> yes Spectrum user accessing the repository. Either an administrator (any user with the Spectrum admin role) or a user with Spatial access permission to the named tile and its dependent resources. username=admin
-password=<password> yes Password for the Spectrum user. password=admin
-cache=<cache> no Use when working with a third-party cache tool that requires a cache header. See also Tile Caching (-cache). cache=false


This request calculates the matrixIDs, column, and role for each tile and saves them to a requests text (.txt) file. It does this only for matrixIDs 2 and 5 to 8 skipping IDs 1, 3, and 4.

tile_builder.bat -url=http://<server>:<port>/rest/Spatial/WMTS -format=png -layer= USA_WMTS_Layer_ID1 -matrixSet=WorldWebMercatorQuad_0_to_19 -mbr="-8275553,4932706,-8188786, 5003330" -threads=4 -matrixIDs="2,5-8" -fileOutput=requests.txt -username=admin -password=admin