Creating Customized Brand for SSA

From SSA 12.0 onwards, a new file brand.css has been introduced through which you can customize banner and branding for SSA.

Branding has two aspects:
  1. HTML banner
  2. Brand.css

HTML Banner

This is in reference to section that appear on top part of the application. You can use this space to add your organization’s logo and apply colors in accordance with your brand guidelines.

Note: For best SSA experience, you should make banner with 50px height.

For reference, refer to: Customerconfigurations > analyst > theme > banner > default

Duplicate the default folder containing Pitney Bowes banner and edit the index.html file to suit your brand identity. You can create your own HTML banner as well. The HTML banner that you create would be referred in the brand.css file.


We have introduced a .css file to manage all branding related aspects through brand.css. Through this file you are given ability to:

  1. change color related properties of SSA’s UI elements to suit your organization’s brand.
  2. choose if banner should be visible or not,
  3. provide reference to the banner file to be used in your brand,
  4. optionally provide a separate reference for banner on mobile devices,
  5. choose if navigation buttons i.e. “Options”, “Add” and “Legends” button should appear within the banner or on the map

You can find the brand.css file in the default brand’s folder:

Customerconfigurations > analyst > theme > branding > default > brand.css

Or you can also download it from here.

Creating a New Brand

  1. To create a new brand for mobile-first SSA, go to the branding folder.
    Customerconfigurations > analyst > theme > branding > default > brand.css
  2. Create a new folder, you can provide a suitable name for the folder.
  3. The folder name is the brand name you can reference for a map-configuration from SSA admin console.
  4. Copy the brand.css file into the new brand folder you created.

Creating a new brand Using brand.css to customize your brand

  1. No Banner

    Set the following .css properties to "display:none;" in case you do not want to display banner

     #banner {
     display: none;
     display: none;
  2. With banner

    Set the following .css properties to "display:BLOCK;" in case you  want to display banner.

    #banner {
    display: BLOCK;
    #mobileBanner {
    display: BLOCK;
  3. Referencing Banner

    You can refer to the HTML banner within the brand.css file by modifying the path of the file (update only the BOLD section).

    /* Banner_URL = *** /theme/banner/default/index.html *** */
    Note: Please be careful while updating this property, do not remove the comments or change the ***, as our java-script program looks for the *** to pick the html file's path
  4. Referencing Mobile Banner

    You can refer to a different banner in the same brand for mobile devices.

    For setting different banner on mobile, set following property-(update only the BOLD section)

    /* Mobile_Banner_URL = **** /theme/banner/default/index.html **** */

    If this property is not specified, the banner reference Step a will be used for mobile as well.

    Note: Please be careful while updating this property, do not remove the comments or change the ****, as our java-script program looks for the **** to pick the HTML file's path.
  5. Position of Navigation Buttons

    The navigation buttons can be moved below the custom banner/ default banner by modifying the “top” css property according to the height of banner in px as below:

    #navigationIcon.iconContainer {
    top: 50px;
    Note: The height of default PB banner is 50px.
  6. Changing color property of UI elements

    We have added instructions as comments within the brand.css file so that it provides you contextual help for each of the UI property in the .css file. It allows you to modify following UI elements.

    1. Primary button

    2. Default button

    3. Link button

    4. Form Elements

    5. Accordions

    6. Tables

    7. Token/ Badge color

    8. Default annotation color

    9. Tabs (active state)

    10. Date Picker

Changing the locator marker for the map in your custom brand

When creating a custom brand, for example by copying an existing brand and changing it, it is expected that the images folder would also be copied as this contains the locator marker PNG file. In order to change the locator marker please create a new PNG image with the same name and replace the existing image with the new one. The new image must also be 32px x 32px in size and should have a transparent background.
Note: If the locator marker is to be replaced then it needs to be replaced with one that is also 32px square with the base pointing to the bottom middle (i.e. 16px across and 32px down).