Resolving Duplicate Records

Duplicate resolution exceptions occur when Spectrum™ Technology Platform cannot confidently determine whether a record is a duplicate of another. There are three ways to resolve duplicate records.
Note: Duplicate records can only be resolved with the Resolve Duplicates function on the Tabular View. However, you can still edit those records in the Form View.

One approach is to group duplicate records together into collections. When you approve the records they can then be processed through a consolidation process to eliminate the duplicate records in each collection from your data.

Another approach is to edit the records so that they are more likely to be recognized as duplicates, for example correcting the spelling of a street name. When you approve the records, Spectrum™ Technology Platform reprocesses the records through a matching and consolidation process. If you corrected the records successfully, Spectrum™ Technology Platform will be able to identify the record as a duplicate.

Yet another approach to resolving duplicate records is to create a best of breed record. This combines the other two approaches by managing record collections and then editing one of the records in the collection to include fields from both the original and duplicate records. This record is then known as the best of breed record.