Making a Record a Duplicate of Another

Duplicate records are shown as groups of records in the Business Steward Portal. You can make a record a duplicate of another by moving it into the same group as the duplicate record.

To make a record a duplicate:

  1. Select the record you want to work on then click Resolve Duplicates.

    The Duplicate Resolution view shows duplicate records. The records are grouped into collections or candidate groups that contain these match record types:

    A record that other records are compared to in order to determine if they are duplicates of each other. Each collection has one and only one suspect record.
    A record that is a duplicate of the suspect record.
    A record that has no duplicates.

    You can determine a record's type by looking at the MatchRecordType column.

  2. If necessary, correct individual records as needed. For more information, see Editing Exception Records. Alternatively, you can drag and drop records across groups.
  3. In the CollectionNumber or CandidateGroup field, enter the number of the group that you want to move the record into. The record is made a duplicate of the other records in the group.

    In some cases you cannot move a record with a MatchRecordType value of "suspect" into another collection of duplicates.

    Note: Records are grouped by either the CollectionNumber field or the CandidateGroup field depending the type of matching logic used in the dataflow that produced the exceptions. Contact your Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform administrator if you would like additional information about matching.
  4. When you are done modifying records, check the Approved box. This signals that the record is ready to be re-processed by Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform.
  5. To save your changes, click the Save button.