What is the Business Steward Portal?

The Business Steward Portal is a tool for reviewing, modifying, and approving records that failed automated processing or that were not processed with a sufficient level of confidence. Use the Business Steward Portal to manually enter correct or additional data in a record. For example, if a customer record fails an address validation process, you could use the search tools to conduct research and determine the customer's address, then modify the record so that it contains the correct address. The modified record could then be approved and reprocessed by Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform, sent to another data validation or enrichment process, or written to a database, depending on your configuration. You could also use the Portal to add information that was not in the original record.

The Business Steward Portal also provides summary charts that provide insight into the kinds of data that are triggering exception processing, including the data domain (name, addresses, spatial, and so on) as well as the data quality metric that the data is failing (completeness, accuracy, consistency, and so on).

In addition, the Business Steward Portal Manage Exception page enables you to review and manage exception record activity, including reassigning records from one user to another. Finally, the Business Steward Portal Data Quality page provides information regarding trends across dataflows and stages.

For more information on exception processing, see Business Steward Module.