Query Tool

The Canvas provides a query tool that allows you to search a model's data. This query function supports a natural-language inspired grammar. As you enter each step of the query into the search bar, Data Hub Visualization will dynamically return type-ahead suggestions based on the model's metadata. When you enter your query, the results will load onto the Canvas; however, if those items already exist on the Canvas, they will be selected. Click any entity on the Canvas to view its Current Item Details.

After you enter the original query that yields results, you can then conduct subsequent, iterative browsing that is driven off of those initial results.

After entering your query, click Save and provide a name of the query to save it and use it in the Query Hub stage, the Read from Hub stage, the Relationship Analysis Client, or the Data Hub Browser.
Note: Query names must start with letters or an underscore and must contain only letters, numbers, periods, and underscores.

To use a saved query, select it from the Query drop-down above the search bar and click the Run Query button. You can change input for the query at runtime by clicking the Query Inputs button and entering a different value for any of the input fields.