Previewing Model Store

To preview a deployed model store, select it from the list of model stores, click Preview, and run the required SQL query. You can write your query directly in the SQL query text box or build it using the Model Store Entities panel.

The preview displays a maximum of 50 records.

Note: An undeployed model store cannot be previewed.
  1. On the Metadata Insights home page, click Modeling > Model Store.
  2. From the list of model stores displayed, select the model store you want to preview, and click the Preview icon .
    The Preview Model Store - <name of the model> page is displayed.
  3. Use one of these methods to build your SQL query for retrieving the desired data from selected model store.
    Type your query in the SQL query text box
    Enclose the table name within double-quotes. Example: select * from "EMPLOYEE_SALARY";
    If the same table name exists in two different physical models, provide the <physicalmodelname>.table name to run the query successfully.
    Use Model Store Entities panel to build query
    1. Place cursor at relevant position in the SQL query text box.
    2. From the Model Store Entities panel on the right side of the page, select the required entities (Model > Table > Column)
      Note: Use the side arrows () above the entity list to view all the models in the selected model store and tables in the selected model. It also allows you to change your selection of model and table, if needed.
    3. Click Insert to insert the selected entity in the SQL query text box.
      Note: When you click Insert, the selected entity is inserted where your cursor is placed in the SQL query text box.
  4. Click Preview after building the query.