Model Store

A model store is a virtual representation of mapped logical and physical models, which once deployed, can be accessed from Spectrum™ Technology Platform as well as from other client applications.

The mapped logical and physical models in a model store have data federated from multiple sources, such as databases, file servers, and cloud services. You can design and customize your model store according to your requirement and for each of the logical models in the model store, you can define the cache configuration which ensures data gets refreshed periodically. All these features make model store a convenient option to store and use customized data without having to endure time lag due to network congestion. This local cache improves query performance when flows or services of Spectrum™ Technology Platform reference this data.

You can create multiple model stores to suit the different business requirements and deploy these. However, to access a deployed model store through Spectrum™ Technology Platform you need to first create a connection to it using the Add Data Sources page. For more information, see Connecting to a Model Store.

You can also edit and delete a model store, however, for it you need to undeploy the model store first.