Named Connections

A named connection is a type of named resource that defines the connection details for connecting to data sources. This is where you provide details about your database or file-system location. Named connections are stored in the repository. Named connections are created, viewed, and managed using Spectrum Spatial™ Manager.

There are two types of named connections: file-based (file system) and database.

Named Connections for Files

File-based named connections are used for TAB files, shapefiles, and GeoPackage files. The named connection contains a root path that can be updated without affecting the relative hierarchy of the files, such as in the case of relocating files to another drive or system.

Named Connections for Databases

Spectrum Spatial supports JDBC named connections for databases (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and Generic JDBC).


Spectrum Spatial supports the major spatial databases listed above. Nothing needs to be added to support them. If you are trying to access a different database than above, you may need to ensure that the proper database JAR files have been installed in Spectrum™ Technology Platform. Copy the appropriate JAR files to the <spectrum_dir>/server/modules/spatial/lib directory. Once you have copied your JAR files, restart the server.