There is one report available with Legacy Point In Polygon: the Point In Polygon Summary Report. It contains general information about the job, such as the Point In Polygon settings, number of records processed, performance statistics, and the database used.

For instructions on using reports, see ../../../ClientTools/Jobs/report_adding.dita#report_adding.

This report contains the following information:

  • Processing Statistics—This section shows the number of records processed and the number of matches obtained.
  • Total Number of Records Processed—The total number of records that were successfully processed in this job.
  • Record-Level Matches—The total number of polygon/line/point groups.
  • Polygon-Level Matches—The total number of polygons/lines/points that were found to mach the locations. A single point may result in more than one polygon/line/point match depending on the Maximum Results setting.
  • Configuration—This section shows the configuration options that were in effect for this job. For more information on these settings, see PointInPolygon_Options.html#options.
  • Database Name—The name of the database used for boundary data in this job.
  • GSB File—The path to the database file.
  • Maximum Results—The maximum number of polygons/lines/points to return for a location.
  • Cache Size—The amount of memory used to cache polygon/line/point data.
  • Distance Units—The units used to measure distance.
  • Default Buffer Width—The default size of buffers. For more information, see Buffering.html#reftxt_buffering.
  • Coordinate Format—The format used for coordinates in the output.
  • Include distance to border—Indicates whether or not this job calculated each point's distance to the polygon/line/point border(s).
  • Performance Statistics—This section shows information about how long it took to run the job.
  • Processing Start Time—The time and date when the job started.
  • Processing End Time—The time and date when the job ended.
  • Records Per Hour—The rate at which records were processed for this job.
  • Database Attributes—This section lists the polygon or line attributes included in the database that was used for processing. Attributes contain information about each polygon/line/point in the database. For example, in a database of congressional districts, there could be attributes for the congressional district number, the name of the representative, his or her party affiliation, and the representative's web site URL.