REST Interfaces

The REST interfaces are what you use to access the Spectrumâ„¢ Technology Platform functionality from within your web application. The table below describes which REST Interface you use to access a particular service.

To access this service Use this REST Interface
Mapping Service http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/MappingService?_wadl&_type=xml
Feature Service http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/FeatureService?_wadl&_type=xml
Map Tiling Service http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial/MapTilingService?_wadl&_type=xml

To get more detailed descriptions of the REST services, see the spatial REST interface WADL on your system: http://hostname:port/rest/Spatial?_wadl&_type=xml

The REST API is essentially just a set of URLs your web application can send as HTTP GET requests. Each URL defines a request to a particular method of a particular interface. Your application then gets back a response, usually in the form of a JSON object or map image, from the corresponding REST Interface. The returned JSON object can be parsed by your web application to extract and process the requested information.