Creating a Backup Manually

To back up your Spectrum Technology Platform server, you need to create a backup copy of the server's configuration database. The configuration database contains your security settings, dataflows, service options, data resource definitions, snapshots, and various configuration settings. If you were to lose your server due to a system failure or other disaster, you could use the backup of the configuration database to restore your configuration to another Spectrum Technology Platform server.

To manually create a of the Spectrum Technology Platform configuration database, use the Administration Utility's server backup command. For more information, see server backup.

In addition, some modules have data that is not included in the Administration Utility backup process. You must back up this data separately:

Module Items to Back Up
Advanced Matching, Data Normalization, and Universal Name Back up the contents of these subfolders located in SpectrumDirectory/server/modules:
  • cdqdb
  • lucene
  • matcher
  • parser
  • searchindex
  • tables
Context Graph Open the Relationship Analysis Client and click Manage. Select the model you want to back up then click Backup. You can also perform Context Graph backups with CLI commands.
In addition to backing up your models, back up these two property files:
  • server\modules\hub\
  • server\modules\hub\db\
Spatial Back up your named resources, data, and configuration files.