Customizing Data Stewardship Portal Editor Contents

There are multiple ways you can customize what is shown on the Data Stewardship Portal Editor page. You select settings on the side panel to view records in the exception repository for a particular User (if the current user has access to other user exception assignments), Dataflow name, Stage label, Job ID, Status, Date, or Condition or Data Domain or Metrics. You can use the Set filter tool to only display records that meet certain criteria. The Configure view options allow you to show or hide fields in the editor.

Do not forget that after you configure settings described in the previous paragraph in combination with the items per page setting, there may still be multiple pages of results that are not shown on the initial screen. For example, you set items per page to 10 and then apply a field filter to return only the records that have a specific postal code. You may initially see only 10 records, but should you check the bottom right corner, as it may show that there are additional items in the repository.