The Data Stewardship Portal Editor

The Data Stewardship Portal Editor enables users to manually review, modify, and resolve records that cannot be corrected by stages in a dataflow. Users can also use the Data Stewardship Portal Editor to resolve duplicate records and use search tools to look up information that assists in editing, resolving, and rerunning records. A user with modify permission is able to correct incorrect or missing data in a record and resolve a record. Resolved records can then be read from the Data Stewardship repository using the Read Exceptions stage for additional processing.

When an approval flow is defined for data, the Exception Monitor assigns records to users in a sequence of one or more acceptance levels. Exception Monitor initially assigns records to the default user, referred to as the data steward. The data steward reviews and edits a record before accepting it. After the data steward accepts a record, it is assigned to the next level of the approval flow. In each level after the data steward, a user can modify, accept, or reject a record. A record that is rejected at any level is assigned back to the data steward. After the last-level user approves and saves a record, it is set to resolved. The resolved records can then be read by the Read Exceptions stage for additional processing and are purged from the Data Stewardship repository.