Using Maps

Follow steps in this procedure to search for map locations that correspond to records on the Data Stewardship Portal Editor page.

Before you can use this tool, the Maps service must be selected on the Data Stewardship Settings page of Management Console.
The Maps search tool displays the location of an address on a map. You can move the coordinates to different addresses, zoom in or out, and view adjacent regions.
Note: The Maps search tool is provided by Precisely LI GeoMap and GeoCode API services. You must be connected to the Internet to use this tool.
  1. On the Data Stewardship Portal Editor page, click the record you want to research.
  2. Below the records table, click Search Tools to expand the view.
  3. In the Service field, select Maps.
  4. To search for a location, do either of the following:
    • Enter an address in the Input box.
    • Select check boxes next to the Field Name column to search using field values.
    For example, to search for an address on a map, you would select AddressLine1 and City. If you only want to view a city on a map, you would select City and StateProvince.
  5. Click search button .
    The result is displayed in the on the map in the form of a pin . Click the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons to adjust the detail. Drag the map to view adjacent regions. The address and the longitude and latitude are displayed in the address box above the map.
  6. Drag the pin to view the address and coordinates for another location on the map.
After completing an initial map search, you can click another record and the search button , and the map will update accordingly.