Data Stewardship Settings provides the following tools for users with write permissions:
Tool Description
Lookups The Lookups tool provides a way for you to select from a list of values for a specific field when updating records in the Data Stewardship Portal Editor.
Domains Domains specify the kind of data being evaluated.
Metrics Metrics specify the way in which data is measured.
Notifications The Notifications feature enables you to have the system send a message to one or more email addresses when a designated number of exceptions are tied to a specific domain or metric.
Data Quality Reporting The Data Quality Reporting settings configure preferences for tracking pass/fail conditions and KPIs.
Search Tools Services Search Tools Services provides preferences for search tools in the Data Stewardship Portal Editor.
Options These settings provide preferences for audit logs and progress tracking.
Approval Flow Types The Approval Flow Types setting allows you to define types that associate records to an approval flow.