Save a query in Entity Browser

This procedure describes how to save queries in the Entity Browser workspace in the Context Graph Visualization application. Queries saved in Entity Browser may be run in the Canvas, Map, Table, and Entity Browser workspaces.

Before you perform this procedure, at least one entity type must be specified in the Entity types box.
A saved query retains everything except data in the results table.
  1. Optional: Before you save a query, you can enter default values for any fields displayed on the Input tab.
  2. On the toolbar, click the Save query button .
  3. In the Save Query dialog box, type a Name for the query.
    If you are editing a previously saved query, you can leave the previously saved name to save changes to the existing query. Type a new name to add a new query to the list of saved queries.
  4. Click the Save button.
    For a new query, this adds the name of the query to the Select a query box in the toolbar. For an existing query, you are prompted whether to Save and Replace the existing query. Click Cancel if you do not want to replace an existing query, and type a new name before you click Save again.
To clear a query from the Entity Browser workspace and create a new query, click the New query button on the menu bar.