Using the Entity Browser

Queries are built by selecting entity types, creating property expressions, specifying a default order, and selecting properties that you want to see in the results.

You can create the simplest query by selecting entity types. You can add property expressions to specify which entities are displayed based on property values. Expressions are grouped by the Match ALL or Match ANY operators. Value criteria in the expressions may be specified as literal values in the expressions themselves or by field values entered before running a query.

For any query, you can specify which properties are displayed in the results and how entities are ordered in the results. After you test a query, you can save it to reuse it or to run in the Canvas, Map, and Table workspaces. Values entered in fields before you save a query are saved as default values for the fields. After you execute a query in the Entity Browser, you can reorder the results by values in any column and export the results to a comma-separated values (CSV) file.